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Meet Seadar Rose Davis

One of the gifts of being the daughter of a single mom, was that I got to spend my childhood afternoons chasing the shadow of my tireless grandfather and bearing witness to the virtues he expounded every day: be curious, be kind, be resilient.

Be curious, be kind, be resilient. I have carried these virtues with me since those childhood afternoons and they continue to fuel my journey. It was these virtues, coupled with the support of my family and community, that enabled me to work as tirelessly as my grandfather and put myself through college — becoming the first in my family to earn a degree. It was this drive that helped me navigate the incessant hurdles and challenges of a career as a touring musician. I have discovered that with these virtues, I have learned to thrive in the face of challenge. I look forward to serving Teton County by bringing this drive and passion to the Board of County Commissioners.

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Meet Seadar Rose Davis

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Mountain Life

I feel lucky to live in an area as wonderful and spirited as Jackson. And while the beauty of this place is astounding, it’s the people and their passion for life that make it a true home. I want to be a part of planning a bright future for Teton County — a place where natural beauty and heart meet in balance.

“High on a mountain top we live, we love, and we laugh a lot. Folks up here know what they got. High on a mountain top.” – Loretta Lynn

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Embracing and expanding alternative modes of transportation for residents, commuters and visitors.

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Keeping Teton County wild by ensuring smart growth in proper areas and maintaining open spaces.


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I’ve been struggling to find the right words, but all I really want to say is Thank You. The outcome may not be what I wanted or envisioned but I am still incredibly grateful. To everyone that supported me, gave their time to my campaign, donated money to our efforts and voted for me: Thank You. I am going to take some time off, but rest assured, this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me. And a big congrats to your new elected commissioners Mark, Luther and Mark. Teton County is lucky to have you. ... See MoreSee Less