Seadar Rose Davis

The gift of being the daughter of a single mom, was that I got to spend my childhood afternoons chasing the shadow of my tireless grandfather and bearing witness to the virtues he expounded every day: be curious, be kind, be resilient.

Be curious, be kind, be resilient. I have carried these virtues with me since those childhood afternoons and they continue to fuel my journey. It was these virtues, coupled with the support of my family and community, that enabled me to work as tirelessly as my grandfather and put myself through college — becoming the first in my family to earn a degree.* It was this drive that helped me navigate the incessant hurdles and challenges of a career as a touring musician and small business owner. I have discovered that with these virtues, I have learned to thrive in the face of challenge. I look forward to serving Teton County by bringing this drive and passion to the Board of County Commissioners.

* I am a proud alumna of Clemson University (BA, Economics 2003). Go Tigers!

“I can change the world with my own two hands. Make a better place, with my own two hands. Make a kinder place, with my own two hands.” – Ben Harper

My life in Teton County

I moved to Teton County in 2004, shortly after graduating from college. I had always been a mountain gal at heart and the west quickly won me over.

In 2007, I co-founded the band Screen Door Porch with my husband, Aaron Davis. We’ve spent the last ten years touring across Wyoming, the Rockies and the nation spreading our “Stevie Nicks meets The Band” brand of Americana music. In 2013 we started the WYOmericana Caravan Tour, an annual tour showcasing the original music scene of Wyoming, with a rotating cast of three bands and about a dozen musicians. That chapter of my life not only broadened my perspective, but deepened my love for Teton County. It also gave me heaps of experience in managing people, time and resources, and developing strong community relationships.

Like many of us, it has taken me a host of jobs to grow my roots here. In addition to my musical career, I have juggled jobs as a restaurant server, wrangler, tube park attendant, personal assistant, web designer and more. I founded my own boutique web development company, S.Rose Design, in 2010. 

Outside of work, I have dedicated much of my time to causes and organizations that I am passionate about. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Colosseum Indoor Skatepark, Jackson Hole Music Experience and Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association. I currently serve on the START Bus Board and volunteer at Vertical Harvest Greenhouse. 

I live in Hoback with my husband and our pooch, Scout. My happy place is on a raft, floating the river with friends and family.