My Vision for
Teton County

I’m ready to work hard for our community and create a Teton County that has a place for us ALL.

“There was a dream. And one day I could see it. Like a bird in cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it.” – The Avett Brothers

Healthy Community

Creating access to quality and affordable health care and child care for all.

As a community, we have the ability to ensure our residents live healthy lives. This means offering quality health care while also focusing on preventative care. Our residents should have clear resources to help them navigate services for their physical, mental and social well-being.

I also want to ensure that our families have access to affordable and reliable child care. Future parents should not have to worry about getting on wait lists to make sure their children have proper day care.


Embracing and expanding alternative modes of transportation.

As a member of the START Board, I have seen the positive impact that a robust transportation system can have on a community. I ride the bus as a commuter from Hoback Junction. On every bus ride, I count the number of people and envision that many single occupancy cars off the road. In commuter routes alone (from Star Valley and Teton Valley), START Bus is helping take hundreds of cars off the road every day.

I support expanding our current START Bus commuter lines and adding routes to areas in the county not currently served by the bus (Rafter J, Melody Ranch, Wilson). We will need to find a dedicated funding source to ensure we can accomplish these goals.

I also support implementing an outreach program for locals and visitors outlining all of the great alternative modes of transportation available to us. We have an incredible Pathways system and a new START Bike program to make getting around without a car more convenient.

Environment and Wildlife

Keeping Teton County wild.

Our legacy of conservation runs deep, dating back for generations. But it can be tricky to balance the needs of the natural world with a growing population. My vision is a future where we make smart development decisions in proper planned areas, and ensure our wild spaces stay wild.

If we are able to reduce our demand on single occupancy vehicles and promote denser development within town, we can help protect our wildlife and their habitats. By taking more cars off the road and adding wildlife corridors, we will decrease wildlife and human conflicts, keeping everyone safer.

These initiatives will also promote a cleaner, more sustainable environment, one in which we are committed to making a better Teton County for generations to come.

Affordable Housing

Ensuring access to diverse housing opportunities for all economic levels.

The health of our community is dependent on a vibrant workforce. And our workforce is finding it harder and harder to live in this community.

I agree with our Comprehensive Plan’s goal to house 65% of our workforce locally. The best way to achieve this is a balance of public and private sector solutions, encouraging a variety of housing types (apartments, townhomes, freestanding homes). I support the approach of focusing our denser housing solutions in town, allowing for more complete communities (walkable, less car reliant). We can create opportunities for secure and affordable housing that align with the character of our community.

I also want to ensure that no one is living in sub-standard conditions. In 2016, Teton County reported that 20% of our households experienced “severe” housing conditions (units that lacked complete kitchens or plumbing, severely overcrowded, severely cost burdened, etc.)—compared to 12% in Wyoming and 9% in the nation. We all deserve a safe, affordable and secure place to call home.

Vibrant Arts Community

Promoting a strong and flourishing arts scene.

I envision a community where the arts are made a priority. A place where we support arts in education and continue to promote local artists as reflections of our community character. A strong arts community inspires creativity, showcases the beauty of our surroundings, and expresses our values. It is also vital to our economy, driving tourism and sparking innovation.

“Art is a nation’s most precious heritage. For it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as a nation. And where there is no vision, the people perish.” – President Lyndon Johnson